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Robin's War Journal

I hid it in the batarang budget.

Tim Drake
19 July
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If I were no longer Robin, that would mean that no more innocent people were being threatened. No more criminals were going around breaking the law. No one was living in fear of their lives. No more crime or wrongdoing. It would mean that mankind had entered Utopia and I'd be happy for humanity. Because that would be the only circumstance under which I'd quit the game. - Tim Drake (Robin), Young Justice #7

Timothy Drake

Fandom: Batman/DC Comics
Timeline: Tim left Gotham during the events of Robin #74, not long after the "No Man's Land" storyline.
Age: 15
Year: Sophomore
Birthday: July 19
Housing: 507 with Jason Todd (dontvotemeout)
Cabin: Summer II - Pixie Stix B4
Big Sib: Claire Bennet (wantstocheer)

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Appearance: Tim is 5'4" with black hair, fair skin and blue eyes. He's slender but very fit. Clothing tends toward the preppy and he wears expensive name labels.


Titans Tower
Case File (Image)

Arrow Catch
Bad Ass Normal
Building Swing
Comic Book Time
The Cowl
Crazy Prepared
Doesn't Like Guns
Domino Mask
Grappling Hook Pistol
Jumped At The Call
Kid Sidekick
Legacy Character
Ordinary High School Student
Secret Identity
Stealth Hi Bye
Superheroes Wear Capes
Thou Shalt Not Kill
Well Done Son Guy
Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys

Classes: Summer Session II (2010)
Monday | Period 4 | Private Investigation: The Essentials | DOYLE
Tuesday | Period 1 | Infiltration and Advanced Sneakiness | SKYWALKER
Wednesday | Period 4 | Carpe Diem: Making Your Lives Extraordinary | DÉMON
Friday | Period 5 | First Aid | PIERCE
Friday | Period 6 | Cons & Confidence: How Not To Get Taken | DEVEREAUX


Classes: Summer Session I (2010)
Monday | Period 4 | Physical Education | GARDNER
Monday | Period 6 | Unblinded Science | BISHOP
Thursday | Period 2 | Being Marooned: Not that Bad | SPARROW
Friday | Period 3 | Dating, Hooking Up and Sex | WINCHESTER

Contact Info:
Email: wantstodirect@gmail.com
AIM: wantstodirect

Motorcycle Pinup by Mangacat.
Armored Robin by Rat Creature.

PB is Chris Massoglia.

Expressive Robin layout designed by me with help from s2expressive. Background images are from Robin #28, Nightwing #25 and Gotham Knights #17.

Photoshop brushes are here.

Icons without a credit attached were made by me. These are free for the taking; credit is nice but not required.

If I screwed up a credit somewhere, drop me a note and I'll fix it. If I've used your work and you'd rather I didn't, let me know and I'll remove it. I try to only grab stuff that's up for sharing, but mistakes happen.

Gotham City Map // About Gotham City // About Blüdhaven // Happy Harbor, Rhode Island

Robin 3 Chronology

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